December 4

It’s a #nerdlution!

Borrowed from Colby Sharp's Blog:

Borrowed from Colby Sharp’s Blog:

It seems like November flashed by so fast!  I didn’t do many things I intended to do, and I have chosen to be at peace with that.  I’ve been largely absent from the Twitterverse and the Blogosphere, so this morning, I got up early and decided to check in.  I was excited and inspired by what I saw, and I decided to join the #nerdlution movement. Started by Colby Sharp and others  in a Twitter conversation, it is a movement to commit to making something a habit for 50 days.  I’m a day late joining the movement, but that won’t stop me!

Rutledge has begun the process of growing a Leader in Me campus full of leaders who practice Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I am super excited about the personal growth we are all experiencing together!  The seventh habit is Sharpening the Saw, the habit of renewal.  If the saw is dull, it will not be effective at cutting a tree.  Likewise, if we don’t take care of ourselves spiritually, physically, emotional/socially, and mentally, we will not be able to live effective lives.  I’ve been looking for another way to sharpen my saw, and I have found it!

Last year I came across a wonderful TED talk in a training, called The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.  His words resonated with me, and he recommended practicing a few simple things for 21 days to learn to be happy in the present, one of which is the practice of thinking of 3 daily gratitudes, another of which was journaling.  I plan to combine the two by keeping a Gratitude Journal for my #nerdlution.  I hereby commit to writing 3 gratitudes in a journal every day for the next 50 days.  I certainly hope it will become a life-long habit.  Sometimes a Twitter challenge is just the kick in the shorts I need to put something into practice that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  So here’s to 50 days of becoming a more grateful, happier me!

Feel free to join the movement and follow the progress of all of those participating by using the hashtag #nerdlution on Twitter.  You can also reply in the comments to let me know what your #nerdlution will be!

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