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The #nerdlution continues!  The movement started in December with a challenge to do something daily for 50 days to improve yourself.  In line with the 7 habits, I chose to “Sharpen the Saw” by keeping a daily gratitude journal and recording three things I was thankful for every day (see my original #nerdlution post here).  What a powerful thing to do!  Amazingly, at the end of 50 days, I had recorded 150 different gratitudes.  Now that doesn’t mean I was able to get to it every single day–there were a few days I missed the bus–but I made up for it the next day.  I will say that the hardest part was the making of the goal public, and the daily tweeting.  I kept up the tweeting thing for about 2 weeks, and then came the holiday vacation.  I decided that enjoying my family was more important than a daily tweet, so that kind of fell by the wayside.  However, I made it a point to continue my daily gratitudes throughout the holidays; after all, the holidays bring many things to be thankful for!

So what did I learn from all of this?  I learned to be grateful for many so different things, big or small!  I learned to look at things in a positive light.  I turned a former complaint (an old tattered coat) into a gratitude (Wow!  I have a coat!  Some people don’t.  I’m thankful for my coat).  That is really something.  I also got to think back on my days and remember and reflect upon all the precious moments that may have otherwise just slipped out of my head.  It was a powerful and life-enriching experience, which is why it has become a habit.  Even though my 50 days is officially up, I have continued to write three daily gratitudes in my journal.  I hope it is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life.  I will always be able to look back on it and see what was really important, or even what small thing happened that I was thankful for on that day. I’ve learned that if I miss a day, I have a choice: I can make up for it the next day, or just move on from there.  It is not a crazy compulsion, but a heartfelt act to improve my life and my happiness.  That is worth continuing.

Now we begin round two.  I’ve been pondering my goals for several weeks now.  What would be meaningful, but most of all, attainable?  What is something that will really help me grow as a person?  I want to stay in the vein of practicing the 7 habits.  So what will it be?  Here are some of my ideas:

  • Reflect on my personal mission statement daily. (Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind.)
  • Be consistent with planning my week and revisiting my plan daily. (Habit 3: Put first things first.)
  • Truly listen empathically without the intent to reply, and stop interrupting people!  What I have to say is not more important than what they have to say. (Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood.)
  • Read a daily excerpt from a devotional/inspirational book. (Habit 7: Sharpen the saw-spiritual dimension.)
  • Update my blog once a week. (I don’t know what habit that it, but I really want to be more consistent.  I’ll go with Habit 1: Be proactive.)

All of the above would be excellent habits to begin.  But what will I focus on?  What is something I can track?  Setting too many goals may be overwhelming and I may fall off the bandwagon.  Two of the #nerdlution follow up posts really stuck out in my mind: Christopher Lehman’s and Katherine Sokolowski‘s.  They kind of help me keep things in perspective.  The point is to become a better person, not to beat yourself up if you don’t reach your goal.  The thing is, I want to do all of them.  I’ve already started on the first two goals, so now I just need to track my progress.  I may not be able to track the empathic listening, but I have a strong desire to improve in that area, so I will just make it a point to try to listen with my ears, my eyes, and my heart.  I’ve chosen a book for the fourth goal and read the first excerpt last night: The Little Book of the Spirit: Thoughts to Inspire, Comfort, and Motivate Women, by Elaine Bernstein Partnow.  And this is my first blog post in my new (hopefully) weekly habit.  I know that there are many people along the way who will be there to support me.  Whether or not I reach all of these goals, if I can improve in all of these areas, this round of the #nerdlution will be a success story, too.

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